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Ulva Island is a small island of Stewart Island with good opportunities to see Kiwi or Weka. I did not get to see any Kiwi in the wild, as they tend to be more nocturnal.
Ulva Island, Bird0815334Ulva Island, Boulder Beach0815274Ulva Island, Post Office Cove, Boathouse0815226Ulva Island, Post Office Cove0815233Ulva Island, Post Office Cove0815234Ulva Island, Sydney Cove0815250Ulva Island, Tr V0815317Ulva Island, Tr, Bark V0815312Ulva Island, Tr, Sign0815260Ulva Island, Tr0815254Ulva Island, Tr0815258Ulva Island, Tr0815294Ulva Island, Tr0815381Ulva Island, Weka0815281Ulva Island, Weka0815282Ulva Island, Weka0815284Ulva Island, Weka0815291Ulva Island, Weka0815298Ulva Island, Weka0815345Ulva Island, Weka0815358

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