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Mare Island is the site of a former US Navy Base. Part of it has seen better times, and looks like a neglected ghetto, but much of the island is being used for a variety of new purposes, including a shipyard, university, osteopathic medical school, historic preservation, and a nature preserve. It is located at the northern end of San Francisco Bay in Vallejo.
Mare Island, Bldg141-1496Mare Island, Bldg141-1493Mare Island, Shipyard V141-1516Mare Island, Bldg141-1500Mare Island, Bldg V141-1511Mare Island, Visitor Center141-1521Mare Island, Visitor Center V141-1523Mare Island, Cemetery, Fence, Flowers141-1537Mare Island, Spirit Ship Hike141-1543Mare Island, Spirit Ship V141-1553Mare Island, Carquenas Br141-1539Mare Island, Cemetery141-1557Mare Island, Groundskeepers141-1526Mare Island, Bldg141-1492Mare Island, Bldg141-1495Mare Island, Bldg141-1497Mare Island, Bldg141-1499Mare Island, Bldg141-1503Mare Island, Shipyard141-1504Mare Island, Rocket141-1

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