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These are a collection of images from various places on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
Hokitika V0812072Hokitika, RR and Road Br0812094Moana, Lk Brunner0810956aOkarito, Beach, Waterfalls0811330West Coast N of Greymouth0812101West Coast V0810582West Coast, Irimahuwhero Viewpoint0810475West Coast, Porarari R0810486Greymouth, Bldg0810591Greymouth, Hotel0810593Harihari Area0812050Harihari, Guy Menzies Park0812061Harihari, Guy Menzies Park0812062Hokitika, Beach0812079Hokitika, Chair Sculpture0812081Hokitika0812066Kumara Junction, RR and Roundabout0812097Kumara Junction, RR and Roundabout0812099Lk Brunner Area, Car Crash0810972Lk Brunner Area, Clouds0810979

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