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Most of these are what I call drive-by-shootings. They are shots of the countryside taken through a dirty bus window while going at relatively high speed on bumpy roads.
Northern Algeria, Bldg Construction1027300aNorthern Algeria, Boats1027648aNorthern Algeria, Building Project1027476aNorthern Algeria, Cafe1027255aNorthern Algeria, Dirt Road, Cattle1027274Northern Algeria, Doorway1027659aNorthern Algeria, Dress Shop1027284aNorthern Algeria, Man w Crutches Crossing Street1027304aNorthern Algeria, New Bldg1027298aNorthern Algeria, Security Convoy1027246aNorthern Algeria, Shrine1027245aNorthern Algeria, Soccer Game1027651aNorthern Algeria, Storks1027249Northern Algeria, Storks1027262aNorthern Algeria, Unfinished Bldg1027302aNorthern Algeria, Unfinished Bridge1027296aNorthern Algeria,Cattle, Unfinished Homes1027668aNorthern Algeria, Apartments, Street1027258aNorthern Algeria, Apartments1027257aNorthern Algeria, Bldg1027666a

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