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Dover, Pumpkin Farm141-2690Dover, Pumpkin Farm141-2701Dover, Downtown, Autumn V141-2679Dover, City Hall, Autumn141-2681Dover, Cocheco R, Old RR Br1054211aDover, Autumn141-2683Dover, Abandoned Truck141-2684Dover, Foliage141-2258Dover, Pine Hill Cemetery, Fall Foliage0947772Dover, Pine Hill Cemetery, Fall Foliage0947794Dover, Halloween Display141-2252Dover, Cocheco R, RR Br, Foliage1054186aDover, House, Fall Foliage141-2260Dover, Abandoned Truck141-2686Dover, Foliage V1054077aDover, Pumpkin Farm V141-2694Dover, Pumpkin Farm141-2695Dover, Pumpkin Farm141-2697Dover, Pumpkin Farm V141-2699Dover, Pumpkin Farm V141-2702

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