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These images are from the various trams and cable cars involved in getting to the top of the Schilthorn above and below the town of Murren. The views are expansive, and include the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch.
Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg V0941968Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg V0941899Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg, Paraglider0941859Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg, Paragliders V0941863aBerner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg, Paragliders0941871Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, View0941837Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, View0941910Berner Oberland, Stechelbergbahn V0942054Berner Oberland, Stechelbergbahn0942048Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, Alpine Flowers0941926Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, Alpine Flowers0941929Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, Lichen Covered Rocks0941955Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, Piz Gloria0941927Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, Sign, No Heels0941934aBerner Oberland, Schilthorn, t Birg0941932Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, View0941913Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, View0941939Berner Oberland, Schilthorn, View0941964Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg V0941912Berner Oberland, Schilthornbahn, Birg V0941993

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