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Phantom Canyon Road is one of the gravel roads in the Pikes Peak area. It is not maintained year-round and has some interesting scenery along the way.
Phantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742674Phantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742677Phantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742678Phantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742681aPhantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742683Phantom Canyon Rd, Aspens0742694Phantom Canyon Rd, Bird0742706aPhantom Canyon Rd, Cabin0742687Phantom Canyon Rd, Cabin0742691Phantom Canyon Rd, Cabin0742693Phantom Canyon V0742700Phantom Canyon V0742715Phantom Canyon V0742720Phantom Canyon V0742727Phantom Canyon V0742729Phantom Canyon, Tunnel V0742731Phantom Canyon0742726

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