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The Avalon Peninsula makes up the Easternmost portion of the island of Newfoundland. The capital and largest city, St Johns, is on this peninsula. Cape St Marys, on the southern part of the peninsula, is featured on its own page on this website.
Cavendish, Fishing020822-7657aBay de Verde, Town020822-7751Cape Spear, Lighthouse020822-7858Cape Spear, Lighthouse, V020822-7829aCape Spear, Lighthouses020822-7846Cape Spear, Old Lighthouse020822-7814Carbonear020822-7773Castle Hill, Cannon020823-7966Grates Cove020822-7703Hearts Content, Lighthouse, V020822-7689Hearts Content, Lighthouse020822-7681lawn, Waterfront020821-7634Salmonier Nature Park, Snow Owls020823-7869aSalmonier, Arctic Fox020823-7937Salmonier, Bald Eagle020823-7901aSalmonier, Peregrine Falcon, V020823-7914St Johns, Lighthouse020822-7787St Johns, Signal Hill020822-7801aBay de Verde, Sculpture020822-7748Cape Spear, Lighthouse020822-7810a

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