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The northern Peninsula of Newfoundland has the earliest traces of European civilization on North American soil.
Port aux Choix, Boats020815-6620Port aux Choix, Boat, Traps020815-6628Port aux Choix, Boat, V020815-6622Port aux Choix, Boats020815-6627Arches PP020815-6584Flowers Cove, Cemetery, Traps020816-6699Flowers Cove, Cemetery020816-6702Flowers Island Lighthouse020816-6680Flowers Island, Lighthouse020929-6685aGoose Cove020816-6814Arches PP, Berries020815-6599Lanse aux Meadows NHS, Boat V020816-6738Lanse aux Meadows NHS, Hide020816-6748Lanse aux Meadows NHS, Statue020816-6757Lanse aux Meadows NHS020816-6734Lanse aux Meadows020816-6760Lanse aux Meadows020816-6777Onion Cove020816-6800Point Riche, Lighthouse020815-6656Point Rich, Lighthouse020815-6668a

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