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Nha Trang is another favorite of mine, with its colorful fishing fleet. It is trying to turn itself into an international vacation resort, and has that potential if it can clean itself up a bit. It has made remarkable progress in the last ten years or so.
Nha Trang, Men in Round Boat0952326aNha Trang, Boats0952271aNha Trang, Fishing Boats S -8840Nha Trang, Bike at Beach0952280aNha Trang, Boats0952346Nha Trang, Boats0952349Nha Trang, Boats0952351Nha Trang, Boats0952352Nha Trang, Boats0952391Nha Trang, Shacks, Buddha V0952486aNha Trang, Ice Boat0952526aNha Trang, Musician V0952571Nha Trang, Musician0952589Nha Trang, Boats0952285aNha Trang, Tower V0952273aNha Trang, Woman Carrying Baskets0952521Nha Trang, Boats0952492aNha Trang, Fishermen0952329aNha Trang, Streetside Dining0952301bNha Trang, Temple0952366a

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