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DaNang was a large base area for American troops during the Vietnam War. Not much is left as a reminder of that era, except for a few helicopter hangars. China Beach has now become a tourist resort, and at the base of Marble Mountain is a thriving stone statue industry.
Danang, China Beach, Girls on Motorbike S V-8852Danang, China Beach, Boats S -8820Danang, China Beach, Repairing Fishing Nets S -8821Danang, China Beach, Kids S -8822Danang, Marble Mtns, Huyen Khong Cave S -8824DaNang, Kids0951452aDaNang, Fishing Net0949548aDaNang, Cart0951556aDaNang, Bike0949314DaNang, China Beach, Girls0951431DaNang, China Beach, Shack0949326DaNang, Dragon Boat0951450aDaNang, Fishing Net0949548aDaNang, Bldg Ruins0951549aDaNang, China Beach, Umbrellas0949328aDaNang, Fishing Boat0949259DaNang, Marble Mtn Sculpture Studio V0951419aDaNang, Marble Mtn Sculpture Studio0951421aDaNang, Monk V0951442aDaNang, Sunset0951523a

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