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Alberobello is a small town near the southeast Italian town of Bari. It is famous for the trulli buildings made of stone with the conical roofs.
Alberobello, Trulli1023472Alberobello, Trulli1023547Alberobello, Trulli1023552Alberobello, Trulli1023517Alberobello, Trulli1023525Alberobello, Trulli V1023476Alberobello, Trulli1023568Alberobello, Trulli, Flowers1023408Alberobello, Table and Chairs023428Alberobello, Trulli V1023483Alberobello, Trulli V1023536aAlberobello, Trulli, Clothesline1023589Alberobello, Flowers1023519aAlberobello, Trulli, Dog1023588Alberobello, Church1023457Alberobello, Trulli V1023556Alberobello, Chimney Ornament V1023534aAlberobello, Stone Walls1023434aAlberobello, Trulli V1023479Alberobello, Trulli V1023540

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