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Otago is in the middle-southern part of the South Island. It has the beautiful fall foliage and also is both the hottest and coldest part of New Zealand.
Alexandra, Old Clutha R Bridge V0735688Cardrona, Hotel0814577Cardrona, Sheep0736758aCrown Terrace0814581Fruitlands, Frost V0736798aFruitlands, Frost V0736814Fruitlands, Frost0736803aKawarau Bridge Bungy V0735612Kawarau Bridge Bungy V0735638Kawarau Bridge Bungy V0735642Lindis Valley, Sheep0814493aLuggate, Clutha R, Bridge0814516Luggate, Clutha R0814505Otago, Rte 85 0735745Otago, Rte 85 0735769aOtago, Rte 85 0735792Otago, Rte 85 0735811Wanaka, Lk Wanaka0814525Alexandra, Manuherikia R0735678Alexandra, Old Clutha R Bridge V0735685

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