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Pleasant Bay is a Bed and Breakfast, llama and deer farm in the town of Addison, on the Downeast coast of Maine. It is about an hour from the Canadian border.
Pleasant Bay-FSPleasant Bay Llama Farm S-2963Addison, House, Sign1053976aAddison, Pleasant Bay, Lupine131-1823Addison, Pleasant Bay131-2067Addison, Pleasant Bay131-2070Addison, Pleasant Bay, Red Granite131-2078Addison, Pleasant Bay, Bird131-2088Addison, Pleasant Bay, Trail Sign1053833aAddison, Pleasant Bay, House1053924Pleasant Bay, Shoreline, Boat, V0461797Addison, Plants1053957Addison, Pleasant Bay, Birch Tree V1053806aAddison, Pleasant Bay, Birch Tree V1053808Addison, Pleasant Bay, Canada Geese1053912aAddison, Pleasant Bay, Flowers1053928Addison, Pleasant Bay, Foliage V1053891Addison, Pleasant Bay, Foliage1053893Addison, Pleasant Bay, Leaves1053804Addison, Pleasant Bay, Leaves1053812

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