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Tunis is the largest city and capital of Tunisia. It is also on the site of ancient Carthage, a rivaling civilization to the Roman Empire and eventually defeated by them. Carthage is featured on its own page on this site.
Tunis, Balcony1026723aTunis, Bldg1026641Tunis, Girl and Father1026712Tunis, Medina, Doors1026689Tunis, Medina, Doorway V1026702Tunis, Medina, Pottery Shop V1026693aTunis, Medina, Shoe Shop1026676aTunis, Medina1026656aTunis, Govt Bldgs1026962aTunis, Balcony Repair V1026571aTunis, Canal1026726aTunis, Columns V1026646Tunis, Door V1026644Tunis, Housing1026714aTunis, Housing1026719aTunis, Medina, Calligraphy1026651aTunis, Medina, Carpet Shop V1026673Tunis, Medina, Carpet Shop1026664aTunis, Medina, Carpet Shop1026665aTunis, Medina, Carpet Shop1026666a

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