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Volendam is a pretty seaside village with a lot of traditional Dutch architecture.
Volendam, Bldg V1053457aVolendam, Bldg1053433Volendam, Bldgs1053479aVolendam, Cafe V1053452aVolendam, Canal, Bridge V1053470aVolendam, Canal, Bridge1053465Volendam, Canal, Fisherman1053474Volendam, Carnival Rides1053478aVolendam, Church, Tree V1053462aVolendam, People Outdoors at Pub1053434Volendam, Sailing Ship V1053404Volendam, Sailing Ship V1053414Volendam, Sailing Ship V1053423Volendam, Sailing Ship V1053428Volendam, Sailing Ship1053407Volendam, Sailing Ship1053443aVolendam, Sailing Ship1053447Volendam, Statue V1053432Volendam, Street V1053449aVolendam, Street1053454a

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