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Klemtu is a native village on a small island in the inside passage of British Columbia in Canada.
Klemtu, Dock0817539Klemtu, Bald Eagle0821432aKlemtu, Harbor0821438Klemtu, Harbor0821441Klemtu, Bald Eagle0821434aKlemtu, Harbor0821448aKlemtu, Longhouse V0817534Klemtu, Longhouse, Dancers V0821482Klemtu, Longhouse0821476Klemtu, Longhouse, Dancers0821466aKlemtu, People on Road0817540Klemtu, Bald Eagle0821424Klemtu, Dog0821462aKlemtu, Foxglove V0821460Klemtu, Harbor0821444aKlemtu, Harbor0821445Klemtu, Longhouse V0821487Klemtu, Longhouse V0821496Klemtu, Longhouse, Dancers V0821464Klemtu, Longhouse, Dancers0821490

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