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Bahia Magdalena is one of four bays along the Pacific Coast of the Baja Peninsula where gray whales go each winter to give birth. The calves are raised in the bay until they are able to make the swim all the way to Alaska. Visitors can go out in small Ponga boats and watch the whales. Often a baby, and then its mother, will come up to the boats and seem to enjoy the human interaction. It is also sometimes interesting to see dolphins and whales swimming side by side.
Bahia Magdalena, Whale, Reaching030210-1684Bahia Magdalena, Whale, Spyhopping030203-10020989 Whale and Dolphin FlukesBahia Magdalena, Whale, Watchers030217-2279aBahia Magdalena, Coyote030210-1721aBahia Magdalena, Whale, Touching030210-1700aBahia Magdalena, Dolphin030203-0973aBahia Magdalena, Dune and Mtns103-0373Bahia Magdalena, Whale, Watchers030217-2281aBahia Magdalena, Dunes104-0424Bahia Magdalena, Whale030217-2286aBahia Magdalena, Whale030217-2296aBahia Magdalena, Whale030217-2299aBahia Magdalena, Frigate, Flying030203-0957aBahia Magdalena, Frigate, Male030203-0958bBahia Magdalena, Frigate, Male030203-0962aBahia Magdalena, Frigate, Male030203-0963aBahia Magdalena, Gulls030210-1731aBahia Magdalena, Whale030210-1694aBahia Magdalena, Osprey030217-2305a

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