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The Steese Highway runs approximately 150 miles north from Fairbanks, to the town of Circle City on the Yukon River It passes through the town of Chatanika and some gold dredging sights along the way. Chatanika and Circle City both have their own pages on this website.
Steese Hwy0612930Steese Hwy0612951aSteese Hwy0612962aSteese Hwy0612980Steese Hwy, 12 Mile Summit, Trail0612991Steese Hwy, 12 Mile Summit, Trail0612993Steese Hwy, Berry Picking0612969aSteese Hwy, Birch and Fireweed V0610065aSteese Hwy, Birch and Fireweed0610071aSteese Hwy, Birch and Fireweed0610191aSteese Hwy, Birch Crk, Swans0610212asSteese Hwy, Davidson Ditch0610314aSteese Hwy, Fireweed0610060aSteese Hwy, Fireweed0610135aSteese Hwy, Gold Dredge V0610040Steese Hwy, Gold Dredge V0610021Steese Hwy, Gold Dredge V0610034Steese Hwy, Gold Dredge0610013Steese Hwy, Gold Dredge0610032Steese Hwy, Moose V0610326a

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