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Bridgeport141-0049Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp170-7228Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp170-7239Eastern Sierra, Rte 395 nr June Lk Rd141-0585Eastern Sierra, Clouds141-0592Alabama Hills, Arch170-7283Alabama Hills170-7299Bridgeport, Pembar Garage141-0420Bridgeport, Storefront141-0421Bridgeport, Courthouse141-0422Bridgeport, Courthouse V141-0424Bridgeport, Courthouse141-0425Bridgeport, Bridgeport Inn, Bar141-0413Bridgeport, Bridgeport Inn, Bar141-0415Bridgeport, Rd to Bodie SHP141-0535Bridgeport, Rd to Bodie SHP141-0538Bridgeport, Rte 395, Hoover Wilderness141-0540Bridgeport, Rte 395, Hoover Wilderness V141-0544Bridgeport, Rte 395, Hoover Wilderness141-0545Bridgeport, Little Virginia Lake141-0546

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