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Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1834Tasmania, Eastern Shore, Old Bridge191-1764Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1830Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surfer191-1844Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach191-1862Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach191-1874Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Wallaby V191-1859Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula, Cove191-2005Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula, Devils Kitchen V191-2010Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula, Tasman Arch V191-2009Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula, Tasman Blowhole191-2023Tasmania, Devils Corner Winery191-1769Tasmania, Devils Corner Winery191-1773Tasmania, Eastern Shore, Old Bridge V191-1763Tasmania, Eastern Shore, Old Bridge191-1762Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1815Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1820Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1821Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1822Tasmania, Freycinet NP, Beach, Surf191-1836

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