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Los Islotes is a small rocky island just off Ensenda Grande, off the coast of La Paz. It is home to a colony of sea lions and lots of interesting bird life.
Los Islotes, Arch114-1468_IMGLos Islotes, Arch030213-2021Los Islotes, Blue Footed Boobie030213-2025aLos Islotes, Cactus030213-2081aLos Islotes, Guano030213-2017Los Islotes, Pax, Coffee040101-5872aLos Islotes, Sea Lions030206-1480aLos Islotes, Sea Lions030206-1490Los Islotes, Sea Lion030206-1506aLos Islotes, Sea Lions031225-4947Los Islotes, Sea Lion030206-1510Los Islotes, Sea Lion030213-2082aLos Islotes, Sea Lion031225-4943Los Islotes, Sea Lions030213-2079Los Islotes, Sea Lions, Crabs030206-1464aLos Islotes, Sea Lions, Pelican030206-1560aLos Islotes, Sea Lions, SOE030206-1537Los Islotes, Sea Lions030206-1439aLos Islotes, Sea Lions030213-2042aLos Islotes, Blue Footed Boobie030206-1495a

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