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These images are from a flight over Mt Cook National Park. Mt Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand.
Mt Cook Flt, Tasman Glacier0813962aMt Cook Flt, Godley Glaciers0813731Mt Cook Flt V0813783Mt Cook Flt V0813948Mt Cook Flt, Godley R V0813705aMt Cook Flt, Lk Tekapo0813693aMt Cook Flt, Mt Cook0813941Mt Cook Flt, Mt Cook0813956Mt Cook Flt, Tasman Lk V0813969aMt Cook Flt0813756Mt Cook Flt0813772Mt Cook Flt0813873aMt Cook Flt V0813721aMt Cook Flt V0813814Mt Cook Flt V0813828Mt Cook Flt V0813917Mt Cook Flt V0813927aMt Cook Flt, Godley R0813702Mt Cook Flt, Godley R0813709Mt Cook Flt, Head of Franz Joseph Glacier0813845

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