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I visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1989, shortly before the war. It was a beautiful and very peaceful country as far as I could gather at that time. During the war, the beautiful Stari Most Ottoman Bridge in Mostar was destroyed, as was the Sarajevo City Hall.
Mostar, Stari Most Ottoman Bridge S -9653Bosnia, Mostar, Stari Most Bridge, Steps S V-8498Bosnia, Mostar, Stari Most Bridge S V-8497Bosnia, Mostar, Stari Most Bridge, Steps S V-8499Bosnia, Mostar, Carpet Shop S V-8500Bosnia, Visegrad, Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge S -8487Bosnia, Hayfield nr Mokro S -8488Bosnia, Sarajevo, City Hall S -8495Bosnia, Sarajevo, Street, Sign S -8489Bosnia, Sarajevo, Offerings, Memorial S -8490Bosnia, Sarajevo, WW1 Origin Memorial S V-8491Bosnia, Sarajevo, Plaza S -8492Bosnia, Sarajevo, Gazi Hersef Bey Mosque S V-8493Bosnia, Sarajevo, Gazi Hersef Bey Mosque S -8494Bosnia, Sarajevo, View S -8496Mostar, Bridge FS

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