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Molde is a pleasant city along the southern third of the coast of Norway. It houses the Ramsdalen outdoor museum which is a collection of old buildings from around the area that have been preserved in a small village setting. It was raining while we were in Molde.
Molde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Bldg, Open Panels1042530aMolde, Downtown, Flower1042570aMolde, Molde Church, Dove Shadow1042345aMolde, Molde Church, Hanging Ship Model1042333Molde, Molde Church, Organ1042335aMolde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Bldg1042544aMolde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Bldg, Int, Kitchen1042543aMolde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Bldg, Plow V1042435Molde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Bldg1042523Molde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Duckling1042486aMolde, Ramsdalen Outdoor Museum, Wheel V1042496Molde, Molde Church, Rose Garden V1042350aMolde, Varden Viewpoint, Evergreen Needles V1042389aMolde, Downtown, Flower V1042561aMolde, Dock, Boats1042573Molde, Downtown, Flower1042559Molde, Downtown, Flower1042565Molde, Fountain V1042363aMolde, Fountain, Flower Girl V1042555aMolde, Fountain, Flower Girl V1042556

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