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Robben Island lies just off the coast of Cape Town. It was for many years a prison, often holding political prisoners such as Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly 19 years there. Today it is a museum and also a protected wildlife area.
Robben Island, Gate120-5983Cape Town, f Robben Island120-5968Robben Island, Prison, Mandella Cell120-6059Robben Island, Lighthouse120-6005Robben Island, Prisoner Work Quarry120-5987Robben Island, Prisoner Work Quarry120-5988Robben Island, Kramat Mosque120-6016Robben Island, Prison, Cell, Window120-6038Robben Island, Prison, Cell120-6033Robben Island, Prison, Mass Bedroom120-6023Robben Island, Prison, Bathroom120-6024Cape Town, f Robben Island120-5992Robben Island, Leper Cemetery120-5985Robben Island, Prison, Intro120-6018Robben Island, Prison, Cell Door V120-6031Robben Island, Prison, Yard120-6050Robben Island, Prison, Chess Game120-6049Robben Island, Flag120-5971Robben Island, Lighthouse120-5973Robben Island, Lighthouse120-5974

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