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Berlin, Brandenburg Gate181-0850Berlin, Brandenburg Gate181-0852Berlin, Alexanderplatz, World Clock181-0975Berlin, Alexanderplatz f TV Tower V181-0958Berlin, Bebelplatz, St Hedwigs Cathedral181-0933Berlin, Statue, VBerlin, Berlin Cathedral, Facade181-0949Berlin, Berlin Wall181-1067Berlin, Berlin Wall181-1073Berlin, Bldg V181-1126Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie181-0876Berlin, Divided City Sculpture181-1104Berlin, Flatiron Bldg V181-1111Berlin, Holocaust Memorial181-0856Berlin, Holocaust Museum181-1129Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm Church V181-1083Berlin, Memorial to Murdered Reichstag Members V181-0845Berlin, Memorial to Persecuted Homosexuals181-0869Berlin, nr Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Wall Segment V181-1121Berlin, Oberbaum Bridge, Walkway181-1079

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