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Dunedin is the "Scottish" city in New Zealand. It is also the home for Cadbury Chocolate. The nearby Otago Peninsula is a great spot for wildlife sightings.
Dunedin, Train Station0815647Dunedin, Burns Statue0735967Dunedin, Bank Bldg0815772Dunedin, Burns Statue, Municipal Chambers V0735969Dunedin, Burns Statue, Municipal Chambers V0735972Dunedin, Municipal Chambers V0735962Dunedin, Octagon, Robert Burns Statue V0815778Dunedin, Octagon, Town Hall and Church0815784Dunedin, Octagon, Town Hall V0815774Dunedin, Octagon, Town Hall V0815777Dunedin, Train Station V0815637Dunedin, Train Station V0815642Dunedin, Train Station0735958aDunedin, Train Station0815634Dunedin, Train Station0815639Dunedin, Train Station0815643Dunedin, Train Station0815646Dunedin, Train Station0815650

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