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I only got to spend part of a day in Gros Morne National Park, and it certainly deserves much more time.
Norris Point020818-7029Rocky Harbour, Boats020818-6871Sallys Cove020818-7022Western Brook Pond, Waterfall020818-6952Western Brook Pond020818-6899Western Brook Pond020818-6987Cow Head, Lighthouse020817-6858Gros Morne NP, Road020818-7045Western Brook Pond, Stone Face020818-6942Western Brook Pond, Tr, Boardwalk020818-6999Western Brook Pond, Waterfall020818-6962Western Brook Pond, Waterfall020818-6964Western Brook Pond020818-6919Western Brook Pond020818-6925Western Brook Pond020818-7010

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