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These are just some photos from the area around Kruger National Park, including the place we stayed at.
Countryside nr Hazyview120-6357Countryside nr Hazyview120-6358Hazyview, Vendor120-6361Hazyview, Vendor120-6363Kruger NP, Bushpackers Backpackers, Supper120-6556Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7185Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7188Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7189Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7190Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7195Hazyview, Bushpackers Backpackers120-7197Countryside nr Hazyview120-7199Countryside nr Hazyview120-7200Nelspruit Airport, Ceiling120-7205

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