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The island of Mauritius lies well off the coast of Madascar off of Africa. We had left South Africa on the MV Explorer and the Captain and crew successfully avoided two big storms in the Indian Ocean, but that left only a short, four hour visit to the island. My time was limited to the port city and capital of Port Louis.
Port Louis, Vegetable Market, Tomatoes120-7249Port Louis, Men Sitting120-7244Port Louis, Windmill120-7214Port Louis, Prof Basdeo Bissoondoyal Statue120-7229Port Louis, Mountains120-7279Port Louis, Storefront Figurehead120-7293MV Explorer, Flowers, Port Louis120-7303Port Louis, Ships120-7317Port Louis, Waterfront120-7208Port Louis, Ships120-7211MV Explorer, Port Louis120-7321Port Louis, Waterfront120-7313Port Louis, Post Office Museum120-7287Port Louis, Ship120-7268Port Louis, Windmill V120-7216Port Louis, Astrolab Shopping Center120-7218Port Louis, Waterfront Park120-7219Port Louis, Declaration of Human Rights V120-7220Port Louis, Declaration of Human Rights V120-7221Port Louis, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Statue V120-7222

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