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The Grindelwald Valley and neighboring Lauterbrunnen Valley are two of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have been to both several times, and never tire of them. These images were from a visit in 2009. Grindelwald is the home of the Eiger, and the train to the Jungfraujoch, with part of the trip carved through the Eiger's north face. The skiing here is tremendous, and takes you through many small hamlets and around small farmhouses.
Grindelwald Valley, Cows V0942335Grindelwald Valley, Cows0942328aGrindelwald Valley, f First V0942256Grindelwald Valley, f First, Trails V0942265Grindelwald Valley, f First, Waterfalls V0942241Grindelwald Valley, First Gondola V0942298Grindelwald Valley, First Gondola0942280Grindelwald Valley, First Gondola0942292Grindelwald Valley, Hut0942405Grindelwald Valley, Paraglider, First0942220Grindelwald Valley0942208aGrindelwald Valley0942349Grindelwald Valley0942385Grindelwald Valley0942388Grindelwald, Flowers V0942203Grindelwald Valley V942209Grindelwald Valley V0942365Grindelwald Valley, Cow V0942341Grindelwald Valley, Cow0942343Grindelwald Valley, Cow0942348

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