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Zaanse Schans is a town north of Amsterdam with a large open-air museum including many styles of windmills, many of which can be expored inside. The smell of chocolate from the local chocolate factory permeates the air...
Zaanse Schans, Canal, Bldgs1052758Zaanse Schans, Canal, Reflection1052746aZaanse Schans, Windmill V1052656Zaanse Schans, Canal S -9871Zaanse Schans, Windmills S -9872Zaanse Schans, Windmill V1052688Zaanse Schans, Windmill, Oil MIll V1052911aZaanse Schans, Windmill, Sheep1052907Zaanse Schans, Windmills1052648aZaanse Schans, Windmills1052926aZaanse Schans, Windmills1052976Zaanse Schans, Window1052582aZaanse Schans, Wooden Shoe Maker1052643Zaanse Schans, Bench, Windmill1052616aZaanse Schans, Big Wooden Shoes1052639aZaanse Schans, Bldg Detail1052988Zaanse Schans, Bldg Facade V1052972Zaanse Schans, Bldg Facade V1052986Zaanse Schans, Bldg Facade, Detail1052985aZaanse Schans, Bldg V1052970

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