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These are some of the art works that I liked, or found interesting for some reason, in some of the museums in Paris
Paris, Louvre, Ceiling0940468Paris, Louvre, Mona Lisa0940472aParis, Louvre, Mona Lisa0940479Paris, Louvre, Painting V0940491Paris, Louvre, Painting0940467Paris, Louvre, Painting0940487Paris, Louvre, Painting0940489Paris, Louvre, Statue V0940510Paris, Louvre, Statues0940511Paris, Louvre, Venus De Milo V0940498Paris, Louvre, Venus De Milo V0940503Paris, Louvre, Venus De Milo V0940505Paris, Louvre, Venus De Milo V0940507Paris, Louvre, Winged Victory V0940464Paris, Louvre, Winged Victory V0940466Paris, Orangerie, Painting V0940588Paris, Orangerie, Painting0940584Paris, Orangerie, Painting0940587Paris, Orangerie, Painting0940589Paris, Orangerie, Paintings0940578

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