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The Otago Peninsula, jutting out to sea from the city of Dunedin, is a great place to see wildlife as well as stunning scenery.
Otago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815660aOtago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815762aOtago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boat, Herons0815753aOtago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boathouse0815699Otago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boathouse0815715Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Surf0815845Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Sea Lions0815867Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Sea Lions0815868aOtago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Yellow Eyed Penguin0815955aOtago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Oyster Catchers0815825Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Sea Lion0815913Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Sea Lions V0815881Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Bay, Surf0815814aOtago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815654Otago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815655Otago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815757Otago Peninsula, High Rd, Views0815786Otago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boat V0815706Otago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boat, Herons0815756aOtago Peninsula, Portobello Bay, Boathouse V0815696

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