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Butrint is a UNESCO site that contains many Roman and Greek ruins and is located in the very southwest portion of Albania.
Butrint, Basilica Ruins V1019591Butrint, Basilica Ruins V1019602Butrint, Basilica Ruins1019589aButrint, Basilica Ruins1019598Butrint, Basilica Ruins1019599Butrint, Basilica Ruins1019605Butrint, Christian Baptistry1019564Butrint, Christian Baptistry1019571Butrint, Christian Baptistry1019576Butrint, Christian Baptistry1019584Butrint, Column1019544Butrint, Countryside1019481aButrint, Countryside1019483aButrint, Countryside1019486aButrint, Countryside1019699aButrint, Cows, Boat1019493aButrint, Dragonflies1019542aButrint, Dragonfly1019551aButrint, Ferry Passengers1019491Butrint, Flag V1019689

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