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Isla Partida is one of the islands off the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It is connected to Isla Espirito Santo in the Sea of Cortes.
Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Cacti, V031228-5274Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Cacti031228-5270Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Cacti031228-5302aIsla Partida, El Cordonal, Fallen Cactus031228-5316Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Mangrove Prop Roots031228-5277Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Mangrove031228-5260Isla Partida, El Cordonal, Pelican031228-5482aIsla Partida, El Cordonal, Snowy Egret031228-5282aIsla Partida, El Cordonal031228-5451Isla Partida, Windward Coast, V031228-5350Isla Partida, Windward Coast, V031228-5355Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5333Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5387Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5388Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5398Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5402Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5403Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5407Isla Partida, Windward Coast031228-5408

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