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These images are from the northeast coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Kaikoura is a great place for whale watching.
Beach n of Kaikoura0813454Beach n of Kaikoura0813455Blenheim, Seymour Sq, Clock Tower V0813442Blenheim, Seymour Sq, Clock Tower0813436Kaikoura Peninsula, Divers0813520Kaikoura Peninsula, Rocks0813516aKaikoura Peninsula, Rocks0813541aKaikoura Peninsula, Seaweed0813527Kaikoura Peninsula, Seaweed0813529Kaikoura Peninsula, Seaweed0813535Kaikoura Peninsula0813512Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813460Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813465Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813469Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813467Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813474aOhau Pt, Seal Colony0813477Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813484Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813486Ohau Pt, Seal Colony0813492

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