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In the southwest part of the North Island of New Zealand is a very symmetrical conical volcano, called Mt Taranaki or Mt Egmont. There is a lot of farming country surrounding this area and some rugged coastline. I was only in this area for one weekend, and was only able to see the volcano for a few seconds, and only able to take one shot of it out of the clouds.
Cape Egmont Lighthouse V0732160Cape Egmont Lighthouse V0732174Cape Egmont, Bird in Window V0732212aCape Egmont, Bird in Window0732194aEgmont NP, Dawson Falls Rd0732025aForgotten World Hwy, Sheep and Cows0731969aForgotten World Hwy, Train Tracks0731999Mt Taranaki0732015aOpunake, Theatre0732111Taranaki Area, White Cliffs0732244Taranaki Area, White Cliffs0732258Cape Egmont Lighthouse V0732184Cape Egmont Lighthouse V0732185Cape Egmont Lighthouse0732150aCape Egmont Lighthouse0732155aCape Egmont, Bird in Window V0732208Cape Egmont, Bird in Window0732192Cape Egmont, Bird in Window0732197aCape Egmont, Bird in Window0732198aMt Taranaki, Dawson Falls0732055a

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