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These are some of the highlight images of mine from the Spring 2012 Semester of the Semester at Sea Program aboard the MV Explorer. This three-and-a-half month voyage began in Nassau, Bahamas; and proceeded to Dominica; the Amazon River and the city of Manaus, Brazil; Ghana, Africa; Cape Town, South Africa; Mauritius; Cochin, India; Singapore; Saigon, Vietnam; Hong Kong; Shanghai, China; Kobe and Yokohama, Japan; and Hilo Hawaii; ending in San Diego, CA, USA. The ship stopped from one to six days at each destination, though I was working on the ship, so was only able to get off the ship less than half of the days in port. I have not included 'people pictures' of students, faculty, or staff on my website, as I do not have model releases and did not specifically get the permission of individuals aboard the ship to post their photos. All of the images seen here, and many more, are also posted in their respective countries on this website. Due to the large size of this page, I would recommend viewing this page in the slideshow format, unless looking for a specific destination.
Nassau, Carnival Sensation, Atlantis120-4244Nassau120-4232Nassau120-4205Nassau120-4218Nassau120-4235Roseau, Botanical Garden, Crushed Bus120-4361Roseau, Clock120-4284Roseau, Morne Bruce, Caterpillar120-4344Roseau, Morne Bruce, Ovrlk120-4348Roseau, River120-4267Roseau, Yellow Wall, Grafitti120-4318Ti Tou Gorge, Jumper V120-4415Ti Tou Gorge, Waterfall V120-4420Amazon R120-4438Amazon R, Boat120-4478Amazon R120-4472Amazon R, Santarem120-4525Amazon R, Santarem120-4529Amazon R, Birds120-4539Manaus, Building and Street120-4934

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