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San Javier is a very interesting town in the center of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.
San Javier, Mission, Flowers030212-1974San Javier Rd, Chapel, Cross030219-2806San Javier Rd, Clock030205-1195San Javier Rd, Man, Seated030205-1191aSan Javier Rd030205-1124San Javier, Mission, Altar, CU030205-1254bSan Javier, Mission, Bell030219-2833San Javier, Mission, Doorway030205-1267San Javier, Mission, Horse030212-1961San Javier, Mission, Playground030205-1280San Javier, Mission, V030219-2894San Javier, Mission030212-1954San Javier, Mission030219-2861San Javier Rd, Cactus, V030219-2780aSan Javier Rd, Cactus030219-2819San Javier Rd, Cactus030219-2971San Javier Rd, Cactus030219-2973San Javier Rd, Cave Painting030205-1136aSan Javier Rd, Cave Paintings030205-1135aSan Javier Rd, Century Plant030205-1143

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