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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and a very pleasant city to visit.
Wellington, Cable Car0730522Wellington, Cable Car Overlook0730524Wellington, Cathedral of St Paul V0730575Wellington, Old St Pauls0730577Wellington, Old St Pauls0730580Wellington, Parliament Bldgs, Beehive0730564Wellington, Parliament Bldgs, Beehive0730572Wellington, Te Papa Museum0730497Wellington, Waterfront0730475Wellington, Bldg V0730511Wellington, Bolton St Mem Pk, Cemetery V0730555Wellington, Botanic Garden V0730529Wellington, Botanic Garden V0730537Wellington, Botanic Garden V0730540Wellington, Botanic Garden, Playground0730533Wellington, Botanic Garden, Treehouse0730544Wellington, Botanic Garden0730538Wellington, Cable Car Museum0730518Wellington, Cable Car Overlook0730512Wellington, City to Sea Bridge0730479

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