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The Inside Passage is a shipping route that consists of very narrow waterways between islands along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.
Alert Bay030511-9417BC Coast030530-1749Butedale Cannery030530-1763Cape Mudge, Lighthouse020701-3719aEden Island, Bald Eagle0821333aEden Island, Sea Lions0821377aEden Island, Sea Lions0821387Eden Island, Sea Lions0821392aEden Island, Sea Lions0821417aEden Island0821362aInside Passage BC, Orcas0817571aStrait of Georgia020522-9746sAlert Bay, Totems030511-9411aAlert Bay, Church030511-9420asBella Bella, Dryad Light030511-9441aBella Bella030511-9433aChatham Sound, Sunset, V030529-1733Eden Island, Bald Eagle0821328Eden Island, Bald Eagle0821330Eden Island, Sea Lions0821378a

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