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I lived in this area of England for about two-and-a-half years while I was stationed in the US Air Force at RAF Upper Heyford. I loved living there, and had an advantage the citizens there did not have - I was not from there, so could really appreciate what was special about it.
Great Rollright, Rollright Stones131-0984Hook Norton, Brewery V131-0956Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Canal131-0890Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Canal131-0896North Oxfordshire, Town, Sheep131-0906North Oxfordshire, Countryside131-0910North Oxfordshire, House131-0915North Oxfordshire, Farm131-0918Banbury, Church V131-0924Upper Heyford, House, Flowers V131-0886Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Canal131-0889Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Canal131-0894Broughton Castle, Church131-0952Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Canal131-0897Broughton Castle, Church131-0938North Oxfordshire, Countryside131-0969Banbury, Fine Woman Monument131-0313North Oxfordshire, Town, Sheep V131-0900North Oxfordshire, Town, Sheep131-0903North Oxfordshire, Town131-0907

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