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Malta is a small island group in the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and Tunisia. It suffered heavily during bombings of WWII, but stood firm through it all. It still maintains a lot of character from its past.
Valletta, Bldg V1025656Valletta, Cathedral Dome V1025761aValletta, Crowded Street1025736Valletta, Doors1025842Valletta, Fortress Tower1025636Valletta, Ft Mancel1025752Valletta, Grand Harbour1025834Valletta, Harbour1025631Valletta, Night, Fireworks1025906aValletta, Night, Walls f Grand Harbour1025871Valletta, Night, Walls f Grand Harbour1025874Valletta, Palace Square1025707aValletta, Skyline, Cathedral Dome1025760Valletta, Skyline1025757aValletta, Steps V1025689Valletta, Woman on Balcony1025688aValletta,Grand Harbour, Fortress1025781Valletta,WWII Memorial V1025813Valletta1025640aValletta, Balconies1025672

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