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Hawke's Bay is on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand and is made up of several communities and famous for its winemaking.
Gisborne, Ship Monument0733886Hawke Bay, RR Trestle0733953Lk Tutira, Swan V0733974Lk Tutira, Swans0733975Lk Tutira0733961Lk Tutira0733966Lk Tutira0733969Lk Tutira0733970Mahia Peninsula, Sheep0733898Mahia Peninsula, Waikokopu, Surfers0733933aMahia Peninsula, Waikokopu0733922aMahia Peninsula, Waikokopu0733944aMahia Peninsula0733911Napier, Art Deco Architecture0733998Napier, Art Deco Architecture0734000Napier, Art Deco Architecture0734004Napier, Art Deco Architecture0734006Napier, Art Deco Architecture0734009Napier, Marina0733979Napier, Mural0733991

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