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This is a visit to two slave castles along the Ghana Coast. These beautiful structures were host to a horrific brutal history. Local people from various tribes were taken from their villages and enslaved and sent to the New World and sold as property. I was surprised to learn that slavery was going on here even before the Europeans arrived and that is was locals who raided the villages and sold them to the Europeans. Outside these castles are villages where life goes on, at a hectic pace, seemingly oblivious to their ominous history.
Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5405Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5349Ghana, Cape Coast Castle, Sign120-5347Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5385Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5443Ghana, Cape Coast Castle, Cannons120-5447Ghana, Cape Coast Castle, Photographer V120-5528Ghana, Cape Coast Castle, Cannons120-5517Elmina Castle120-5641Elmina Castle, Unfinished Boats120-5672Elmina Castle120-5715Elmina Castle, Entrance V120-5727Elmina Castle, Pied Crow120-5746Elmina Castle, Entrance Gate V120-5737Elmina Castle, Door of No Return, Latch120-5759Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5344Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5345Ghana, Cape Coast Castle120-5346Ghana, Cape Coast Castle V120-5352Ghana, Cape Coast Castle V120-5353

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