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La Paz is the capital and largest city of Baja California Sur.
La Paz, Gov Mansion, Sunset, Dancers, V031226-5209aLa Paz, Bldg Facade106-0647La Paz, Cathedral and Fountain106-0640La Paz, Cathedral and Gazebo106-0633La Paz, Cathedral, V030208-1629La Paz, Girl w Candy Vendor106-0626La Paz, Girl on Teeter Totter030201-0810aLa Paz, Malecon, Santa031227-5229aLa Paz, Dancers040102-6056La Paz, Gov Mansion, Dancers030207-1575La Paz, Gov Mansion, Dancers030221-3102aLa Paz, Gov Mansion, Dancers031226-5173aLa Paz, Gov Mansion, Dancers031226-5196aLa Paz, Pelicans and Dock Owl030201-0794aLa Paz, Sunset030201-0836La Paz, Balloons106-0625La Paz, Cathedral, Altar Statue030208-1646aLa Paz, Cathedral, Altar030208-1641aLa Paz, Cathedral, Stained Glass030208-1648La Paz, Gazebo and Girl106-0638

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