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The Kiel Canal is a 61 mile long canal cutting through the base of the Jutland peninsula in the northern part of Germany. The canal connects the Baltic and the North Seas, and cuts about 250 miles off the route from the Baltics to the Atlantic. It is said to be the busiest artifical waterway in the world. The locks at each end of the canal are not there to overcome an elevation gain (it is actually very flat there), but to minimize tidal fluctuations.
Kiel Canal, Baltic Sea Locks1049165Kiel Canal, Baltic Sea Locks1049169aKiel Canal, Baltic Sea Locks1049176aKiel Canal, Barns1049217Kiel Canal, Bayer Plant1049293Kiel Canal, Bayer Plant1049302Kiel Canal, Bldgt1049305aKiel Canal, Boat1049306Kiel Canal, Bridge Ferry1049247aKiel Canal, Bridge Ferry1049253Kiel Canal, Bridge V1049229aKiel Canal, Bridge V1049251aKiel Canal, Bridge1049237Kiel Canal, Bridge1049258aKiel Canal, Bridge1049261aKiel Canal, Bridge1049262Kiel Canal, Brunsbuttel1049405aKiel Canal, Brunsbuttel1049406aKiel Canal, Ferry Dock1049163Kiel Canal, Ferry1049267

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