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Taughannock Falls State Park contains a waterfall that is 215 feet tall - one of the highest in the eastern US. It is located in the Finger Lakes region of New York state.
Taughannock Falls SP V0616059Taughannock Falls SP V0616133Taughannock Falls SP, Photographer0616057aTaughannock Falls SP, River V0616103aTaughannock Falls SP, River0616144aTaughannock Falls SP, River0616175aTaughannock Falls SP0616014Taughannock Falls SP, River0616106Taughannock Falls SP0616026Taughannock Falls SP V0616017Taughannock Falls SP V0616138aTaughannock Falls SP V0616142aTaughannock Falls SP, Flowers and Leaves V0616149Taughannock Falls SP, Flowers and Leaves0616164aTaughannock Falls SP, River V0616073aTaughannock Falls SP, River V0616094aTaughannock Falls SP, River V0616122aTaughannock Falls SP, River0616112aTaughannock Falls SP, River0616127aTaughannock Falls SP0616021a

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